Songwriter’s Block

The most common problem that stops people from writing songs is the lack of inspiration and the so called “Writer’s Block. Most writers -of all kind- have suffered of writer’s block at some point, and definitely more than once. So don’t worry if you are feeling blocked because there are ways to overcome that block. But you also need to know what causes you to block yourself. There are many causes for writer’s block.

1. One of the causes is that sometimes writers try to write like somebody else.

you are uniqueEven if you love the songs of a certain songwriter, you should never try copying them because you are someone else and you could never write just like them. So be your own person and discover your personal style. Obviously you can have songwriters as inspirations, but make sure you use them as influences only.

2.Another cause if being afraid of failure.

trust yourself

Every single songwriter is or has been afraid of failure and it somehow affects their writing. But it’s important that you trust your instincts and follow them. The public in general can be very hard but you can’t please everyone, the most important thing is that you please yourself.


15 Tips To Overcome Songwriter’s Block

3. There are ways to get your inspiration back, and they are pretty simple.

guitaristYou can try going out into either a very crowded place or somewhere that you can be alone. You can try going to the mall for example and bring a notebook with you. If you hear someone say something you liked or laughed at, write it. Don’t eavesdrop but try to listen a phrase or two. If you decide to go somewhere lonely, try a park for example, where you can be connected to nature. Maybe a thought or two will come into your mind, so have your notebook with you too.

4. Anything that comes into your mind counts.

GuitaristMaybe at the time you thought of it, it seemed meaningless but maybe later it will drive you to another bunch of thoughts and ideas. Especially, don’t be shy.

5. Don’t be shy to write about your feelings or what you are thinking about.

singerIf you only write about things that don’t matter to you, the song will be superficial and won’t be good. Take a risk and write a song that means something to you. You will see how much better it will be.

If you try to follow these tips you will find songwriter a lot easier. But keep in mind that you won’t become a professional songwriter from day to night, it will take time. Slowly you will see that your skills, improving and that you don’t have writer’s block as much as before and even enjoying the process of writing a song.

15 Tips To Overcome Songwriter’s Block


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