Songwriting Tips

1. Always be ready to write more lyrics anytime and anywhere.

writerSongwriters always carry a notepad, pen and paper, recorder or any device that will let them write down any feeling or thought on a particular event. They do not waste the opportunity to compile lines or prose for future compositions.

2. Be creative.

creativeSongwriting requires creativeness and that means you have to think of more ideas. You may recall past experiences or use your imaginations to create better stories or scenes in mind. Do not limit yourself and let go of overused lyrics and themes.

3. Listen to more musicians and discover new styles and genres.

Songwriters do not hinder themselves from learning and they are open to changes and experiments. Trying out new hits may be an influence or inspiration for the song structure, melody or theme.

4. Do not forget to have fun.

laughterSongwriting can be an effective way to de-stress since you let out your feelings and opinion. It can be an outlet for emotional problems but not as a stressor. Just let the ideas flow and enjoy the process with all your heart.


 5. Always aim for the best.

After series of draft writing, start rewriting and arranging words to create great lyrics. Never settle for less and always aim for the best. There is nothing wrong in polishing your composition especially if you are in a better mood to write songs.

6. Always set a good mood for composition.

guitarEven if you are equipped with complete lyrics and perfect song structure, it is better to finish a song in a great mood and in an atmosphere which is conducive to songwriting completion or improvement.

Songwriters make songs from the heart. Even if the story of the song is not about the writer, it is necessary to put enough emotions and put themselves in the situation in order to bring out an honest feeling and meaningful thoughts.


Most Common Songwriting Problems

songwriting problemsSongwriting is an ability that everyone has, but needs to be properly developed and honed in order to bring what’s in the mind to the paper. However, even those who have developed their talent for songwriting run into problems now and again because for a number of reasons.

What follows are the most common problems associated with songwriting and the steps you can take to avoid them. By recognizing when these issues occur, you can take the necessary steps get the song that is currently locked in your mind out for the world to hear.

Wondering Chords

One reason why certain songs do not work is because the chords seem all over the place or out of whack which destroys any flow the song might have.

Here, structure can help by making the progression of the chords more familiar and even predictable if need be. An unpredictable progression of chords is a real challenge and rarely works.

Confusing Form to the Song

This means that you are not sure about the progression of the song from verse to chorus and so forth. A side effect of this is that the lyrical progression, harmonies and the overall melodic shape of the song is not fully formed.

A formalized structure can help cut through the confusion which means making the components of the song about equal in length. So, try making your verse and chorus about the same length and make the bridge short and more intense if you so choose.

Lyrics do not Match the Song

This is a fairly common one as the lyrics do not match the song structure or simply do not make any sense. In many cases, the story of the lyrics and the emotion of the song are simply too different.

An easy way to solve this problem is to tell the story with the lyrics and let the music bring the emotion. The bridge can be used to really display real emotional bouts that the storyteller is going through.

Good Hook, Bad Song

This is another common problem in that many people believe having a good hook can salvage an otherwise bad song. What happens is you still wind up with a bad song regardless of the hook.

Here, you are either going to have to fix the song or abandon it and start over again. If you have a really good hook, attach it to a really good song.

No Shape to the Melody

Most successful songs use repeated notes, although there are exceptions. However, a melody that has no structure is one that has a tough time going anywhere unless other elements of the song are enhanced.

The shape to the melody is what most people will take away from a son, so you will need to add that shape in order to have any impact with the song.

Waiting for Inspiration

Unfortunately, very few songs are actually inspired by something. The idea of sitting in a darkened room and having the song handed to you by a mystical force is probably not a good idea. Most really good songs are developed through craft and persistence.

When the inspiration hits, then by all means write a song around it. However, you will be inspired far more often if you get to work on the song as the act of writing itself triggers what is needed.


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